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Welcome To Shoe Laundry !

We believe that proof is in the service that's why we Help people walk with satisfaction. Our experience gives us the certainty of our work to ensure the highest quality because we use domestic materials and exported.

Shoe Xpert is a shoe Laundry started in center of the India, Madhya Pradesh providing shoe reparing services in city of Indore where people love their things which are attached to them and make it modify in such a way so it look more clean,stylish and new.Shoe Xpert beleives that professionals starts with feet so we provide you comfort,prevent foot strain and improve posture by repairing your older shoes.We provide every type of shoes and providing following services shoe repair,polishing,coloring,wash etc.Today we are growing because we are fast, reliable and our shoe repair services price are also very competitive

want to repair your Shoe?


Our Repair Services

Shoe Repairing

We repair all kind of shoes, so you shoes can live extra life…

Shoe Washing

Sports shoes always need wash with extra care and little bit of perfume fregence

Shoe Coloring

Shoe Polishing

See how good they feel

Shining & re-conditioning

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